Walk for Water & Bake Sale 2018

Eco-Schools committee members have participated in their annual Walk for Water event to commemorate World Water day. The walk took place in Victoria. Committee members also organised a Bake Sale at school with home-made cakes, muffins, brownies, cookies and coconut balls.
The Eco-Schools/Water Explorer team at the Gozo College Middle School took seriously the global fundraiser challenge as part of the Global Water Mission, and thanks to the effort and enthusiasm by the students, a total of €930 were collected from the walk and bake sale.
This money will be used to construct water pumps in Kenya to provide clean potable water for children.This will allow them to go to school rather than walking long distances each day to find some water, water which unfortunately, is dirty and unfit for drinking.



International Cooperation to Save Water

Water Explorers are working with primary School No. 1 in Sochaczew, Poland. They have been communicating with each other via e-mail and video chat. Together they have worked on a Poster to Save Water.

During a video call on April 17th 2018, Water Explorers at Gozo College Middle School have explained the problems related to water scarcity and the main sources of potable water in the Maltese Islands. They also talked about the challenges did so far, the Walk for Water in which money will be collected to help in the supply of clean water in Kenya and the Water Festival to be held on 9th May.

Wardija Organic Farm Visit

Our Eco-Schools committee members visited Maria Regina College Wardija RC to learn about organic farm practices. They learned about companion planting, the importance of biodiversity, the negative effects of chemical fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides. They had a lovely surprise when they met some rabbits and learned about the health benefits of petting animals. Last but not least they had a cooking session where they prepared some food using organic products. What a holistic learning experience for our students. Special thanks to the We Eat Responsibly national coordinator Ms Cynthia Caruana and eco-schools link teachers for this opportunity.


Precious Water

The small village of Fontana lies on the outskirts of Victoria, also known as Rabat in Gozo. It became the ideal site for a settlement due to a number of fresh water springs in the area. Locally, this settlement is simply known as it-Triq tal-Għajn – the way to the spring, a name it took from a bountiful spring at the bottom of the main road of the village known as Il-Għajn il-Kbira, the principal spring. The spring flows where three valleys, Wied il-Lunzjata, Wied Siekel and Wieq ta’ Saqwi converge into Wied ix-Xlendi. The word wied in Maltese stands for valley.

The importance of this spring dates back to the Aragonese period. Documents show that the feudal lords collected money from farmers who used water from these springs to water their fields. In fact, local residents fondly recount how the water from l-Għajn il-Kbira was an important source of water for all their necessities including drinking.

L-Għajn ta’ Bendu is another fresh water spring in this quaint village. Unfortunately, as a sign clearly indicates, the fresh water coming out from the rocks is not fit for drinking. The mayor of the locality, Mr Salvu Borg, explained that sample testing of the water by the Water Services Corporation carried in the past years showed that the fresh water coming out of these springs has a high level of various chemicals including nitrates as a result of overuse and unsustainable farming practices. Fertilizers and pesticides from farming end up in the groundwater, a precious source of water for the islands, making it exceed water quality standards.

Malta ranks in the top ten water scarce countries in the world and groundwater is one of the main sources of fresh water. It is such a pity that this precious water flowing generously in this settlement is no longer potable.

Whatever goes up must come down!!

Balloon release seems to be a must to mark the opening/closure of an event. Many have been to report how bad a habit this is, especially for marine creatures which end up entangled in the remnants of balloons and strings. The eco-school committee at Gozo College Middle school put forward a solution to stop all this. Why not releasing trained pigeons instead? Just like balloons they go up and come down but without creating any litter or pose a danger to other species.

balloon release Maia

Maia Camilleri
Year 8 Aqua

Coolest snowman in town

In December 2017 the Villa Rundle Gardens in Victoria were transformed into a winter wonderland to create a Christmas spirit. This was done with the help of the residents of Santa Marta Day centre and Dar Padova, the primary schools in Gozo and the Ministry for Gozo. Most of the decorations were created using recycled materials such as this happy snowman which was made out of used tyres.


Maia Camilleri
Year 8 Aqua